Under California’s Political Reform Act (the “Act”), most committees must put disclaimers on campaign advertisements that identify the committee that paid for or authorized the communication. (Advertising Requirements) These rules also apply to communications from public entities when their activity meets the thresholds to qualify as a “committee.” This happens when a state or local governmental agency pays public moneys for a communication to the public and the communication expressly advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate or the qualification, passage, or defeat of a clearly identified measure, or, taken as a whole and in context, unambiguously urges a particular result in an election. In addition, the communication qualifies towards the threshold if it is made at the behest of the affected candidate or committee.

In an effort to quickly and effectively address possible violations of the Act, as it relates to mailers, doorhangers, signs, and electronic advertisements, you can submit to the FPPC any form of political campaign advertising that you believe may not be in compliance with the law.

How? Simply upload a copy of the materials, or just take a picture on your cell phone and send it to us. This can be done anonymously, or you can provide your contact information. Please note: All submissions are public information.

What happens? The Enforcement Division will review all submitted advertisements for compliance and will actively pursue any potential violations.

You will not be contacted about the outcome of your submission through this program. However, if you wish to file a sworn complaint, which entitles you to notification of the results of your submission, please go to the FPPC Enforcement page to file a “Sworn Complaint.” Or click this hyperlink to go there now: (File Sworn Complaint).

We look forward to engaging you and all members of the public in our ongoing mission of seeking compliance with the campaign advertisement requirements under the Act.

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